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TSS Character Symbols Tournament Round 4

The Savior’s Sister by Jenna Moreci is the second novel in The Savior’s Series and the companion novel to The Savior’s Champion. Check out the synopsis on Goodreads or read the free preview to find out more.

Release day: September 29, 2020

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To celebrate the novel’s upcoming release, I’m holding a character symbols tournament biweekly through to late September, right before book launch. Vote for your favourite character symbols in all of the sketch rounds, and the two most voted symbols from each round will go on to the revision round to become fully realized pieces of art.

Week of July 12: Competitors round 1 of 2
Week of July 26: Competitors round 2 of 2
Week of August 9: Leila, Naomi, and the Sisters
Week of August 23: Brontes and the Senators (note that I won’t be doing ALL of them)
Week of September 6: Misc. Palace Staff
Week of September 20: Top 10 designs revision round part 1 of 2
Week of September 27: Top 10 designs revision round part 2 of 2

Round 4: The Senators

Brontes, The Sovereign

The current Sovereign and Leila’s father. He’s determined to keep his position of power at all costs, even if that means arranging the assassination of his own daughter. He was known as The Cyclops in his own tournament, due to only having one eye. His symbol is a one-eyed snake in a crown.

Romulus, The Proctor

Next is Romulus, the Tournament Proctor, and Leila’s reluctant double agent. For Romulus, I think a simple white feather suits quite well. White because it is the colour of surrender, and a feather because, well, he’s a chicken.

Wembleton, Senator

Third we have Wembleton, the Master of Ceremonies. He’s the sort of jolly old man most people overlook and underestimate, and that means he knows a great deal more than he should. He also revels in his figurehead position at the public events throughout the tournament. For Wembleton, I’m drawing a proud wolf.

Kastor, Senator

Next up is Kastor, youngest of the original set of senators who serve Brontes. He’s in charge of the wedding arrangements for the ceremony following the tournament, he’s friendly with much of the palace staff, and he’s perhaps a little too interested in Leila. For Kastor, I’ve chosen to illustrate a simple Mars symbol representing masculinity, except this one is on fire.

Erebus, Senator

Fifth is Erebus, a fine tuned soldier and the latest keeper of Thessen’s royal vault. For him I’ve decided to go with a sword and shield.

Hylas, Senator

Finally we have Hylas, the Sovereign’s young page promoted to senator long before his time. Why? The ever-growing number of vacancies, of course. Brontes needs to keep a large senate around him at all time, lest his plan falter. Unfortunately for Brontes, the young senator is unsure of himself and what’s right, and that means his loyalty can be swayed. Hylas’ symbol is a house cat staring into the face of a lion.

Cast Your Votes Now!

Remember, the two symbols with the most votes from each round move on to the revision round, where I will create 10 fully realized pieces of art. Vote in this poll (you can come back and vote daily if you wish) and get more votes in by commenting on YouTube and visiting my posts for this round on my social media platforms.

Vote on YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Voting on all rounds closes at the end of the day on September 17, 2020, so that I have time to create the winning 10 pieces.

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Jenna is the artist/illustrator and author behind Westveil Publishing and its sub-banner platforms Jenna Gets Creative and The Westveil Archives. She live in Newfoundland, Canada with her husband, daughter, and feline overlords.


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