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The Children of the Light Trilogy [Book Tour Spotlight]

Welcome to one of the October 23rd stops on the blog tour for The Children of the Light Trilogy by Jackie Forster, organized by Silver Dagger Book Tours. Be sure to follow the rest of the tour for more spotlights, reviews, and a giveaway! (More on that at the end of this post.)

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About the Book

Cassy: Awakening Power
The Children of the Light Book One
by Jackie Forster

Published 11 September 2014
by Createspace

Genre: Fantasy
Page Count: 212
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Ever wondered what it’s like to be different?

No two people are the same!

Cassy is a coming of age story about a young girl who, shortly after her sixteenth birthday, discovers that she is different. She is a witch. She soon learns that there are other like her, but who can she trust.

There are many conflicts along the road that Cassy is now on. Including finding out that she is adopted, however, she is completely unaware that some are using her for their own means, including her real father.

Cassy is a fantastical fiction story that deals with issues faced by some teenagers as well as more imaginative problems. The magic within the story intensifies the conflicts so that even the mundane can seem strange.

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Aisling Dara: Threatened Power
The Children of the Light Book Two
by Jackie Forster

Published 18 December 2014
by Createspace

Genre: Fantasy
Page Count: 176
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Ever wondered what it’s like to be different?

Aisling Dara is the continuing story of Cassy, a young girl who recently discovered she was a witch.

After battling her father Cassy believes life will get back to normal, but Susan has other plans.

When the villagers first attack, Cassy joins the Children of the Light to make the school safe. Cassy struggles with her power, and the knowledge that she is to take over the running the school and coven. Even uniting with the sister she didn’t know she had, can not calm Cassy’s fear, so she runs away. When she returns, Cassy realises things are worse. Everyone she brought to the school is in danger.

Can Cassy overcome all obstacles and stop the threats against school?

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The Children of the Light: Exchanging Power
The Children of the Light Book Three
by Jackie Forster

Published 6 January 2016
by Createspace

Genre: Fantasy
Page Count: 320
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Ever wondered what it’s like to be different?

Cassy’s story continues.

After struggling for two years to gain a balance between Magic and normal life Cassy is once again confronted with problems that only she can solve.

Having saved the magical community at the school, Cassy is shocked to learn that the leader of the Coven is dying. She must take her place as High Priestess and lead the Coven. While the children at the school support Cassy, there are those who believe she should be stripped of her powers and memories.

As she waits for the decision of the elders Cassy discovers there are even more hidden secrets. More people who need saving. With her sister and best friends at her side, Cassy faces the puppet master and the shadows. Little does she know that her sister and boyfriend have secrets of their own.

Will Cassy succeed in her greatest challenge yet?

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Liza, Jenny, Drake
The Children of the Light Short Stories
by Jackie Forster

Published 5 September 2015
by Createspace

Genre: Fantasy
Page Count: 172
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Three short stories.


A young witch, wakes from a coma after five years to find her parents dead and life completely different.


Moved from home to home,Jenny finds it difficult to hide who she really is. What will happen when people find out about her gifts?


As an immortal in the mortal world, Drake struggles to find somewhere he can be himself. After finding and losing someone who shares his gifts, Drake must watch over two young witches.

Three stories that expand on characters in The Children of the Light Trilogy.

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Or you can get the whole trilogy as a box set!

Page Count: 738

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About the Author

I am a single mum of two, who was lucky enough to grow up in Cornwall, where my interest and enthusiasm for books was born. As a result of being located so close to numerous ancient ruins, thus providing me with the ability to roam and investigate, my inquisitive side got the better of me and my passion for fantasy books and creative writing started to grow.

I have lived all over the UK, including Cornwall, Darlington and Newcastle. My first book began as an interactive bedtime story for my eldest son who, like me, loves anything supernatural.

I write anything and everything that comes to me, but young adult stories are my favourite. I get lost in the stories and I am usually as surprised as my readers by the end result.

My children’s stories were written for, and about, my youngest son. During the harder times in life, I have found that writing gives me a release from the stress and often, as with the Danny series, helps others to find a way around their problems.

My only hope is that those who read my work enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

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    I love the book covers and synopses, this sounds like an awesome series! Thank you for sharing the book and author details, I am looking forward to reading these stories

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