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Guest Post with Diane Mullins, Dying to Belong

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Guest Post with Diane Mullins

I was putting a lot of trust into someone or something that day, which was unusual for me. I don’t trust easily, so to trust that day was amazing. I have been hurt, betrayed, and lied to so many times throughout my life by people who were supposed to take care of me and protect me that my trust has been shattered. It is fascinating that as infants we just trust that people are going to take care of us and that all our needs will be met. As children, we start to learn people are not always true to their word, and we start being disappointed. Our trust is challenged early on. Unfortunately, as life continues, we see more bad things and more wrongs being done to each other; it is a wonder there is any trust left. Can we learn to trust like an infant again? Who should we trust? Who shouldn’t we trust? How do we know the difference? Trust is something I still battle with today.

Even though I still had no idea about the extent of my injuries, I knew that something was definitely broken. In the midst of all that rolling, tumbling, and banging around, I heard a loud, distinct cracking sound very close to my ear. I thought I had broken my jaw. But as I concentrated on my jaw for a second, opening and closing my mouth, moving my jaw from side to side, I realized it was fine. Although I was almost numb, I took a few minutes to figure out what hurt the most. I could not feel anything specific; I was in so much pain, my whole body hurt. Things were still foggy and confusing. You know how when someone is talking to you, you’re there physically but not paying attention to what they are really saying? That’s how I felt, I was present and hurting but couldn’t pinpoint exactly how I felt.

About the Book

Dying to Belong
How I Accidentally Found Myself
by Diane Mullins

Published 5 March 2020
by Funshine Publishing

Genre: Memoir
Page Count: 180
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As a very shy, meek, and insecure little girl, Diane Mullins grew up the youngest of seven children in an abusive family. Never shown or taught how to love or be loved, Diane grew up with no self-confidence or self-esteem. Who knew that it would take a near-fatal accident to help her find her way to self-love and spiritual freedom?

In Dying to Belong, Diane shares her story that begins at the scene of a body- and spirit-crushing ATV accident. Forced to ride out of the wilderness area herself, she arrived at the hospital to discover broken bones, ruptured organs, and a punctured lung. She was literally on the doorstep of death. During the excruciating process of physical healing, Diane began exploring a spiritual journey that led to loving, accepting, and respecting herself.

Diane learned the empowering lesson that by changing her thoughts and feelings, she has been able to live a life of freedom from negativity and pain.

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About the Author

Diane Mullins has a master’s degree in psychology from Grand Canyon University where she learned how to manage, inspire, and motivate people. She has spent most of her life working in private dental offices as a dental hygienist. Diane is a certified health/life coach, which has allowed her to help others with weight loss, setting goals, and motivation. Now as an author she tells her own story of a tragic accident that taught her things crucial to her own wellbeing and the possibility of helping others in a whole new way.

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