Sample Contract (Editing)

All editing clients will be asked to sign a contract similar to the sample contract below prior to the start of their job. Note that your contract will have additions and omissions that differ from this sample, as every job is unique. Please be sure that you have read up on my different editing services, my payment & refund policy, and my intellectual property disclaimer prior to signing your contract.

I __(name)__, heron in referred to as “I” or “the client,” am hiring Jenna Rideout, hereon in referred to as “Jenna” or “the editor,” to complete the editing job(s) outlined below.

Service Type: [Developmental Critique, Copy Edit, Comprehensive Edit]
Job Rate: price in CAD per page

I agree that my page count is [number], and that I will be charged for additional pages at the above rate if this number is inaccurate.

I agree to pay a 25% deposit of [amount] with the signing of this contract, and that this deposit becomes non-refundable once the editor has started my job.

I acknowledge that the editor will be working in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, and cannot work with or deliver Mac-specific file types.

A section outlining any included re-reads with time limits. Note that all clients are free and welcome to ask questions pertaining to their job before, during and up to 6 months after the editor performs their job, but it is up to the editor’s discretion whether or not answering those questions constitutes services not included in the original job contract. I agree that if I require further re-reads and additional services, I will be required to start a new job with the editor and sign a new contract.

I understand and agree that this job is expected to begin the week of [dates] and is predicted to take [time in weeks] to complete, but that these dates are not set in stone. I agree that it is my responsibility to book editing services well in advance of my deadlines, and that the editor is not responsible for my missed deadlines.

I accept and agree that if I fail to pay my full remaining balance on this job after the editor is finished, I forfeit my right to the editor’s job documents including the marked-up copy of my document and any additional forms and documents I requested.

I accept and acknowledge that my sample pages will be discarded once I have signed this contract, my original documents will be discarded once the job is completed, and that I cannot expect the editor to keep my job documents (marked-up copy and other forms and documents) for more than one year after job completion. The editor is not obligated to re-render this service in order to replace any documents I lose once the above time frame has passed.

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