Intellectual Property Disclaimer

When you hire me, Jenna Rideout, as your editor or accept me into your circle of volunteer helpers (critique partners, beta readers, street team volunteers), this disclaimer applies.

Whatever you have written and are now sharing with me is still 100% your work, your property, and I promise not to share any portion of your work without your permission, not to copy or replicate your work for my own purposes, and not to disclose spoilers of your works before publication.

Unless we are working as co-authors, everything about your writing that makes it unique and yours remains yours.

I expect the same understanding and agreement from advance readers and editors I work with.

Retention of Client Documents

All sample pages from enquiries are deleted once the full document is received or the job is declined by either party.

All original documents from the client are deleted once the job is complete.

All marked-up document copies and any other documents the client requested (such as beta reader type questionnaires) will be retain for no less than one year after the completion of a job.

If I am volunteering for you as a critique partner or beta reader, please let me know if I should delete any document you send my way after I have given feedback, but understand that if you want continued feedback from me, it’s most effective for me to retain all versions of the work I receive. I promise not to share your documents with anyone else unless we have discussed it on a case by case basis.

If I am your ARC or review copy reader, you are gifting me with a complete book, and I am entitled to keep it for as long as I wish. I promise not to share my copy with other readers outside of my household (just like any other book in my collection.) If it is a physical book (excluding non-final galleys), I do have the right to donate it to a library, give it to a friend, or sell it to a consignment store if I choose not to keep it.

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