Advanced Reading & Freebies

Whenever Jenna is ready for critique partners, beta readers, or ARC (advanced reading copy) reviewers, she’ll let everyone know on social media and through her newsletter. Want to hear about all of this first? Sign up for the newsletter!

Critique Partners

Critique partners are fellow writers who share portions of their work in progress writing projects with each other to get a fresh perspective and pair of eyes on a piece of writing. If you’re also a writer working on either
a) a fiction novel for ages high middle grade or above in one of Jenna’s acceptable review genres (see review policy), or
b) a Newfoundland/Canadian themed children’s book
and you’re looking for a critique partner, Jenna may be interested in partnering with you! Get in contact.

Beta Readers

Beta readers are recruited after a book is completely drafted and self-edited, but before an editor has been hired. Beta readers are given manuscript files to read (whole manuscript at once for children’s & short fiction, and a series of smaller chunks for novels) followed by questionnaires to get feedback on what’s working and what isn’t. Jenna will put out a call for beta readers several times before any given manuscript goes on to publication, so if you’re interested in being a beta reader, keep an eye out! Upcoming beta reader rounds will always be mentioned in the newsletter.

ARC Reviewers

ARC (advanced reading copy) reviewers are given a free ARC (also known as a galley) of a finished book that has an upcoming publication date. These readers are expected to provide an honest review on the book on Goodreads and (when possible) on retail sites like Amazon.

Applications to be an ARC reviewer or street team member (volunteer book promoter who also has access to the ARC) will be announced as soon as any new book has a known publication date, and will always be mentioned in the newsletter.

Other Freebies & Review Copies

Giveaways and other opportunities to earn free merch will occur during book promotion periods and whenever sponsor companies want to do a giveaway. Keep an eye on the YouTube channel and the newsletter in particular for these opportunities.

Well established book reviewers who are interested in receiving a free copy of already published books in exchange for an honest review are welcome to contact Jenna with a request.

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