Affiliate Links (Art)

Jenna Gets Creative is a successful small Art channel on YouTube with associated pages on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Thanks to our success, we are able to offer some art-related affiliate links to our audience.

This page over here contains a master list of every art supply I have ever linked in video descriptions on the Jenna Gets Creative channel. These are Amazon affiliate links, and I have provided separate US, CA and UK listings where available. When limits prevent me from listing all three in the video descriptions, the US links will be provided, as that best serves the largest portion of my audience.

Remember that affiliate links mean that I earn a small commission either in the form of loyalty program points or a cash payout when you make purchases with the above companies. You either earn a discount (specified in brackets) or shop as usual with no changes. Thank you for your support!

Are you an art or education-related business? Do you want to partner with the Jenna Gets Creative banner here at Westveil Publishing or through any/all of my social media platforms? Contact me!

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