Please direct all preliminary contact to the email address or

Book review requests wishing to send physical books and sponsors wishing to send physical products can request a mailing address by email or “force gift” through my Amazon wishlist (add an item on my list, add your book, remove other item, use wishlist shipping address.) Art commission clients who are able to pickup their completed pieces will be provided with an address.

Book review requests wishing to send a Kindle-locked file can request my kindle address by emailing my primary email above.

Jenna Rideout is located in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Canada.

BOOK REVIEWING STATUS: If it isn’t November 30, 2020 yet I’m rather over-booked for reviews right now and cannot promise a prompt review. Sorry for the inconvenience! If you’re not worried about timing, I’m willing to add books to the TBR pile on medium priority.

Socials for Jenna Gets Creative
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Socials for The Westveil Archives
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Collaborations & Interviews

I am willing to collaborate with other artists/illustrators of similar skill level or audience reach, and with anyone wishing to do book tags and tours. I am willing to be interviewed on blogs, channels and podcasts about art, reading or writing topics. I am willing to interview and feature authors on my blog, channel or other platforms if their work is something I would review.

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