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Bookish Prime Day & Gifting Suggestions Day 2

Amazon Prime Days are October 13th & 14th, and since even more of us are shopping online this year, I figured I would help highlight some great bookish gifts (be they for yourself or others) while they’re on sale. If this goes well, I’ll do some more gifting guides as we get closer and closer to Christmas and maybe pull options from other sellers on those as well.

Up front and honest: I take part in the Amazon Affiliates program, which means if you make purchases using the links below, I earn a small commission. That’s it! Nothing changes for you. If you choose to purchase using my links, thank you so much for you so much for your support!

Want to take advantage of Prime Day deals but don’t have Amazon Prime? Sign up for a 30-day free trial of Prime today so you can shop these deals!

Kindle Unliminted subscriptions can be purchased for yourself or as a gift on 12- or 24-month terms and grants you free, unlimited access to over 1 million ebook titles AND thousands of audiobooks!

Try Audible for free right now and get two (2) free audiobooks, or gift a 3-, 6- or 12-month subscription to someone on your list!

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet (16GB, Black)

Know what goes great with the Kindle Unlimited or Audible subscriptions? A device to load all those great books onto! Unlike a dedicated ereader tablet, this is a fully functional Android tablet that can do a whole lot more than books. Internet browsing, social media, all your streaming services, and even non-native ereader apps like Kobo or Libby (free online library borrowing.)

If you buy during Prime Days (October 13-14) you can save…
Amazon US customers save $10 USD!
Amazon CA customers save $20 CAD!
Amazon UK customers save £20!

Kindle Oasis 8GB Wi-Fi

Prefer a dedicated ereader? The Kindle Oasis is a 7″ paperwhite e-ink ereader device with warm backlighting that can be shifted from white to amber for easy night reading. This thin, ergonomic device is waterproof (read in the bath!), comes wi-fi enabled and has free storage access on the cloud for all your ebooks. Note that this is an Amazon device and cannot be sideloaded with ereading apps other than Kindle.

If you purchase the 8GB option anytime during Prime Days (Oct 13-14) you’ll save…

Amazon US customers save $75 USD
Amazon CA customers save $80 CAD
Amazon UK customers save £70

Kindle, Black

Is the Oasis still too expensive? Don’t worry! The original Kindle ereader now comes with a front light, and it’s also included in Prime Days deals. The glare-free black and white ink makes reading easy in any lighting, including direct sunlight, and doesn’t draw too much power. This device can go weeks on a single battery charge!

Purchase during Prime Days (Oct 13-14) and save…
Amazon US customers save $30 USD
Amazon CA customers save $45 CAD
Amazon UK customers save £25

Fire 7 Kids Edition

Like the idea of the Amazon Fire 7 tablet but buying for a younger reader? Grab the Kids Edition tablet bundled in a kid-proof case in blue, pink or purple and save big! This is already an $89 USD savings at regular price. Same great tablet as the regular Fire7!

Purchase during Prime Days (Oct 13-14) and save…
Amazon US customers save $40 USD
Amazon CA customers save $40 CAD
Amazon UK customers save £45

Jenna is the artist/illustrator and author behind Westveil Publishing and its sub-banner platforms Jenna Gets Creative and The Westveil Archives. She live in Newfoundland, Canada with her husband, daughter, and feline overlords.

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