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Please Don’t Divorce Me [Book Tour with Excerpt]

Welcome to the December 2nd stop on the blog tour for Please Don’t Divorce Me by Vickie Hall, organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Be sure to follow the rest of the tour for more excerpt spotlights and a giveaway! (More on that at the end of this post.)

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About the Book

Please Don’t Divorce Me
by Vickie Hall

Published 8 November 2020
by Press Ahead Press

Genre: Non-Fiction, Family
Page Count: 116
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Whether your decision was made by you, or made for you, it is within your control to make the right decisions for your children.

Vickie’s parents divorced when she was only nine, wedging her in the middle of a dispute many kids face every day. It still remains one of the toughest times of her life. As she shares parts of herself and other people’s experiences with you, she hopes you will be better prepared to make good choices for your children.

“Please Don’t Divorce Me” is candidly written as a parent’s guide from a child’s perspective aiming at fostering a healthy transition and minimizing hurt for what is already a difficult time in a child’s life.

Divorce is not pretty, but it doesn’t have to be ugly either.

Choose children, love, and happiness above all else!

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“My parents were the first true loves of my life. I felt safe with them and in our family home. Our home was warm and welcoming, and my parents always made us a priority in their lives. I knew I could depend on them, and they were predictable, which was the best feeling in the world. I never had to worry about my parents not being there for me or not being supportive. It didn’t matter what kind of day I had either. When I got home I knew they would be there and everything would be okay. I do not remember a time at this age of when I felt disappointment or anger towards my parents. When the bus would drop me off after school I couldn’t wait to get inside. It was my safety net, and I could breathe. If Dad was off that day he would be home waiting. If he was working the day shift, I knew there would probably be a love note from Mom. Every day on her lunch hour she would come home and begin prepping the meal we were eating that evening. They were always there for me, always a constant, and now what?”

Jenna’s Comment

I didn’t volunteer to review this one, so I haven’t read it, but I felt compelled to volunteer to spotlight this book because this is such an important topic. Not only did my parents divorce (absolutely needed to happen) and my father handled it poorly, but my mother later divorced my step Dad and expected our whole family to divorce him as well. I think that one hurt our step sister the most. When our families met she was an infant. When our families divorced, she was in the second grade. My sister and I were more her sisters than her maternal half siblings because she lived with us. My Mom was more her mother than her own was, because she spent more time with her. She lived in the school district we attended and Mom taught in, not a district her half sibling attended or one no one had a connection to. By the time the divorce happened, my maternal grandparents were the only grandparents left in her life. Mom expected everyone to break it off and go no-contact. I know my grandparents didn’t, I saw her school pictures on their fridge, but I only got to see her twice and her father one more time than that in the first decade after that divorce until she was old enough to use Facebook and find us. Still love you, Nadine <3 Still proud of you!

About the Author

Vickie grew up in a small town in Louisiana. She graduated with a degree in Business Administration and played in the college marching and symphony bands to foster her love for music since fifth grade. Vickie has been married for over twenty two years to the love of her life and best friend. She and her husband have two sons. They have shared in the joys and tears of raising boys and refer to themselves as the “A-Team”. One is going to college in the fall and “half” of the empty nest will begin! Her youngest son is in high school.

By day, Vickie has enjoyed a 24-year career in contracts management and operations and by night has written many poems and cards and scrapbooks to capture fun memories. She loves spending time with family and friends!

She is known for and recognized by many traits, but freckles, red hair, loud sneezes, compassion, love and laughter tops the list. She is also the Co-founder and President of Krewe de Halcyon, a social organization dedicated to positively impacting the community and embracing the Louisiana tradition of Mardi Gras (one of her favorite holidays!)

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