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Daemon War – Author Guest Post with S. K. Gregory

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Welcome to the release day blitz for Daemon War by S. K. Gregory, organized by Bewitching Book Tours. Be sure to check out other stops on this blitz for other features and guest posts, and possibly some reviews as well!

I’ll let S. K. Gregory take it away with the guest post portion of this stop first, then I’ll be back with more information on the book and author.

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To Pants or Plot?

When I first started out as a writer, I wrote by the seat of my pants. I didn’t plot beyond writing down a few key notes, I just started writing and let the words take me on a journey. It had its pitfalls. Sometimes I would reach the halfway point and discover a huge plot hole, or I would get stuck and not know how to continue the story.

In 2011, when I wrote the first book in the Daemon Series – Daemon Persuasion, it was in this style. It started out as a half-developed idea which fizzled out at chapter five. I left it and moved onto a new story. Several months later, I found an ad for a small press that was looking for urban fantasy stories but with a deadline. Since I already had five chapters written for Daemon Persuasion, I decided to work on it and the ideas flowed. Having the deadline really helped me to focus and get the words down.

Nowadays, I have changed my style completely. Since being introduced to plotting, I have adopted this myself and I find that it has improved my writing. I no longer get stuck because I know what is coming next and I can write faster too. I can now write a book in about a month if I need to.

When it comes to plotting, I will jot down my ideas and then I will imagine the story from beginning to end in my head. Once I’m sure about the direction I want it to go in, I will use a Word doc and outline it chapter by chapter. It may only be a paragraph of information, but it keeps me on track and if I forget, I can simply go back and check what I have missed.

There is no right or wrong way to write, it really is whatever works for you, but I would recommend trying the opposite way at least once, to see if you like it better.

Good luck writing.

About the Book

Daemon War
Daemon Persuasion Book Four
by S.K. Gregory

Published 18 December 2020
Cover Artist: S. K. Gregory

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Page Count: 92
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From USA Today Bestselling Author S.K. Gregory the Final Book of the Daemon Persuasion Series.

The battle is over, but can they win the war?

The battle changed everything. Mackenzie finds herself with new responsibilities and a war heading her way. Her relationship with Taryn is tested as the bodies begin to fall.

An end to the war…

As they try to beat back the enemy, a prophecy might hold the key to end the war for good. It will take all of her power to keep the ones she loves safe. Time to kick some ass.

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“Why won’t you ever listen!” Taryn screamed. He turned away from Mackenzie, his shoulders set with rage.

Before she knew what she was doing, Mackenzie picked up a heavy plant pot from a nearby table and brought it down on the back of Taryn’s head. His body crumpled to the floor.

Dropping the remains of the plant pot, she stood over him, waiting for him to get up and start screaming at her again. When she saw the blood pool out onto the carpet, that’s when she knew how serious it was.

“Taryn?” She dropped to the floor beside him, reaching out to check for a pulse. Nothing.

“No, this isn’t happening,” she whispered. She turned him over, stifling a scream when she saw his eyes open and staring back at her. “Taryn.”

She shook him, willing him to respond, but he didn’t. He couldn’t.

Oh God, I killed him.

This couldn’t be happening, she didn’t mean to get so mad, she just lost control for a moment.

Sobbing, she rested her head on his chest. Her whole life was over now. Taryn was gone, their life together, their home, their future. She would go to prison for sure and then…She sobbed harder.


She turned to find Annie standing at the top of the stairs. How did she get in?

“What’s happened? Is he okay?” Annie asked, taking a step toward her.

“No. He’s dead.”

Annie kneeled down beside her, placing a comforting hand on her back. “Oh my poor girl.”

“I need to call the police,” Mackenzie said, wiping her face.

“There’ll be time for that. You need to focus on what is important.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I need you to tell me who you are,” Annie said.

Mackenzie stared at her. “What?”

“You heard me. Tell me who you are.”

Mackenzie shook her head in confusion. “You know who I am, Annie. Are you okay?”

Maybe Annie had hit her head or something.

“I know your name, but I need to know who you are and why you are here.”

Mackenzie got to her feet, eager to put some space between herself and Annie. Annie’s hand shot out and gripped her wrist.

“Answer the question!” she barked.

“Get off me,” Mackenzie said. She pried Annie’s fingers off her wrist and hurried downstairs. She would call the police and maybe a doctor for Annie.

Before she could reach the phone, Annie caught up to her. “You can’t escape me. Answer the damn question.”

Mackenzie whirled to face her. “Enough. I don’t understand your damn question. You know me. My name is Mackenzie. I’m here because I bought a damn house.”

Annie’s face twisted into a snarl. “Not good enough.”

There was a flash and for a moment, the entire room changed. The furniture vanished and she was sitting in a chair with a strange man standing over her. She blinked and she was back in the room.

This isn’t real.

Annie advanced on her.

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About the Author

USA Today Bestselling Author S. K. Gregory writes urban fantasy, paranormal romance and horror novels. She currently resides in Northern Ireland where she works as an editor.

In her spare time, she helps indie authors by promoting them through her website and on social media.

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