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Author Guest Post with Geoffrey Saign

Welcome to the April 26th stop on the blog tour for the Magical Beasts series by Geoffrey Saign, organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Be sure to follow the rest of the tour for spotlights, reviews, author guest posts and interviews, and a giveaway! More on that at the end of this post.

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Samantha and Jake fight to save their poisoned parents, and instead find themselves in a battle to save the parallel magical world of KiraKu. The two teens discover they must defeat the Evil One—a diabolical master of deception—or their own world will fall too. Samantha must master the mysterious supernatural staff, WhipEye, and find out if she has what it takes to fulfill the prophecy of the true guardian. In a final battle, reminiscent of Lord of the Rings, the two teens will have to risk everything, or lose it all. For Fans of Fantastic Beasts, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings.

Winner Outstanding YA Fiction IAN BOTY

~ Magical Beasts is now in development for a major motion picture. ~

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Author Guest Post

How I got a movie deal for my YA fantasy series, Magical Beasts.

That must be every writer’s dream, right? It was for me. To see my fiction book on the big screen. When I write I ‘see’ images, and pen them out. It’s kind of like watching a movie unfold that I’m recording.

Magical Beasts at one time was called several different titles. I won lots of awards and had producers interested. Nothing panned out. Then over a year ago a savvy marketing woman gave me advice on all my covers, titles, and even the main character names in my thrillers. I started making a little money with the thrillers so I kept writing them. I also continued the Magical Beasts books until I tentatively ended the series with Book 4. But the series could easily go on. However it’s very tough to sell YA on Amazon, unless it’s R-rated, or you’re a big name in publishing. I kept telling people I would need a movie deal to push the Magical Beasts fantasy series, and would love to see the series on the big screen.

Meanwhile I contacted producers about my thrillers through social media—80-100. And I got one producer interested in looking at the first book in my Jack Steel series. Exciting. And this goes back to renaming the title and main character—the producer liked both. But after 3-4 months I hadn’t heard back from them. I emailed their office, and found out they had emailed me months previously, but I never received the email. They were still interested and we moved forward. The JACK STEEL series is now out at streamers where we are confident someone will buy it. My producer read my other thriller series, and gave me a second contract, and we’re close to sending that one out too.

Back to Magical Beasts.

About a month ago I asked my producer if they handle YA fantasy. He said they do everything. He began reading Guardian The Choice, Book 1 of Magical Beasts, and now we have a contract. I have another YA fantasy series, and he wants that too, even though he hasn’t even read it yet. He trusts me as a writer that anything I create will be worth handling.

So, it’s been a long, convoluted path to get to a movie contract for a series I love. What made it all possible? Well, a good story for starters. And persistence. Faith in my story. And trusting the process.

My advice? Write what you love and support it any way you can. You don’t know what’s coming around the corner, but tell everyone what you’d like to come.

Jenna’s Comment.

Great advice, and congratulations! I hope the final product on screen is everything you imagined.


Guardian The Quest, Book 2, Magical Beasts

A black belt in kung fu, Jake kicks at the woman’s side. She blocks his foot with her forearm. He slides in and chops at her neck.

With little effort she absorbs the hand blow with her arm, grabs his forearm, and jerks him down on top of me. Kneeling on his back, she keeps us immobile.

Her arm is already healing from Biggie’s whip, so like the hyena she’s a Lesser or Great One too. Originals don’t heal like that. That also explains her speed and strength. She and the hyena have to be working for Gorgon.

My vision blurs. I’m suffocating. From ground level I glimpse Biggie shoving the hyena sideways into a tree.

From behind her, the woman pulls out a thick silver band and slaps it onto Jake’s left wrist. She leans over him to stare at me, her slender face hard. “If you don’t find and deliver Drasine to the smugglers by tomorrow night, the silver band will explode and kill your boyfriend. Go to the Smuggler’s Oasis. Kert will tell you what to do.”

Stunned, now I know she’s working with Gorgon. “Forget you.” I punch at her face, but she grabs my wrist. Her eyes harden, and then she looks up.

Somehow the hyena got past Uncle Biggie and it’s charging us. The animal must be working with the woman. Her ride out of here.

The woman releases my wrist.

I croak, “You can’t do this.” I grab at her but her head is rising and my fingers curl around her swinging gold necklace. It breaks off in my hand as she morphs into a huge cheetah.

About the Books

Guardian: The Choice
Magical Beasts Book One
by Geoffrey Saign

Published 13 July 2019

Genre: YA Fantasy
Page Count: 342
Add it to your Goodreads TBR!

Two teens race to the Amazon jungle to save their parents, and find themselves in a battle to save a magical world.

Seventeen-year-old Sam Green thinks her life is pretty normal. Almost. She does have weird dreams. And a mysterious staff in her closet.

But Sam’s life is shattered when a dragon poisons her father and the mother of her best friend, Jake. With only two days to find an antidote, Sam is shocked when a shapeshifting giant cat and powerful faerie show up to help.

A diabolical magical creature in the Amazon can save the teen’s parents, but he wants Sam’s help to conquer a parallel world full of fantastic creatures. Sam will have to choose: save their parents, or save an entire world. And Jake has already made his choice…

Will Sam embrace her destiny as a guardian?

Can she master the supernatural staff, WhipEye?

Can Sam defeat an unbeatable beast and still save their parents?

Guardian, The Choice is the first book in the thrilling Magical Beasts YA fantasy series. If you love fantasy thrillers with nonstop action, powerful heroines, quirky tough heroes, and a slew of not-so-friendly magical beasts, you will love Guardian, The Choice!

Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Audible

Guardian: The Quest
Magical Beasts Book Two
by Geoffrey Saign

Published 2 November 2019

Genre: YA Fantasy
Page Count: 332
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The smugglers put a magical weapon on Jake’s wrist, and blackmail Sam. She must find the golden dragon or lose her best friend.

Yet everyone is desperate to find the powerful golden dragon, including the Evil One, who has been hiding for millennia and has sworn to destroy all life in the magical world of KiraKu. If the Evil One captures the golden dragon, it’s game over. And the Evil One could be anyone, so no one can be trusted.

The guardians will have to survive Death Matches and multiple enemies to find the golden dragon first. And everything is turned upside down when they discover the dragon is not what they think…

Can Sam discover who the Evil One is?

Can she take her power to the next level to stop him, and save Jake?

Guardian, The Quest is the second book in the thrilling Magical Beasts YA fantasy series. If you love fantasy thrillers with nonstop action, powerful heroines, quirky tough heroes, and a slew of not-so-friendly magical beasts, you will love Guardian, The Quest! 

Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Audible

Guardian: The Sacrifice
Magical Beasts Book Three
by Geoffrey Saign

Published 1 October 2020

Genre: YA Fantasy
Page Count: 252
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Sam and Jake are asked to free a murderous Old One from a dangerous, magical prison—to unite the Southern Domain of KiraKu before the Evil One attacks.

Even if Sam and Jake can survive a host of monsters, liars, and villains, who all want the Old One dead, it gets worse. The prisoner has an unpredictable rage and a terrible secret about Sam’s mother. A secret that will turn Sam’s world upside down.

Dragons, ogres, and a shapeshifting killer will do everything they can to stop Sam. To succeed, she must risk going into the dangerous golden pool. And she will have to face the powerful Vorta, who have never been defeated.

Can Sam increase her power with the WhipEye staff—enough to take down one of the most powerful monsters of all time?

Can she unite the Southern Domain of KiraKu?

How much is Sam willing to sacrifice?

Guardian, The Sacrifice is the third book in the thrilling Magical Beasts YA fantasy series. If you love fantasy thrillers with nonstop action, powerful heroines, quirky tough heroes, and a slew of not-so-friendly magical beasts, you will love Guardian, The Sacrifice!

Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Audible

Guardian: The Stand
Magical Beasts Book Four
by Geoffrey Saign

Published 1 October 2020

Genre: YA Fantasy
Page Count: 278
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The war has begun. The Evil One is attacking. But Sam and Jake must convince the Summoner of KiraKu to call all dragons and magical creatures of the wild lands to join the battle.

To reach the Summoner, Sam will have to cross the most dangerous wild lands of KiraKu. Even if the Summoner can be found, KiraKu is facing multiple armies and villains greater than any in its history. Sam must do whatever it takes to win or watch all her friends die.

The final battle will test heroes, create legends—and it still will not be enough.

Can the guardians fulfill the prophecy and unite KiraKu?

In the last stand, can Sam find a way to defeat the Evil One and save KiraKu?

Guardian, The Stand is the fourth book in the thrilling Magical Beasts YA fantasy series. If you love fantasy thrillers with nonstop action, powerful heroines, quirky tough heroes, and a slew of not-so-friendly magical beasts, you will love Guardian, The Stand!

Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Audible

About the Author

Geoffrey Saign’s love of wildlife led him to write the award-winning fantasy series, Magical Beasts. He often experiences the magic of nature and wildlife while hiking and swimming. He has a degree in biology and has assisted in field research on hummingbirds and humpback whales. Geoff loves to sail big boats, hike, and cook—and he infuses all of his writing with his passion for nature. As a swimmer he considers himself fortunate to live in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Minnesota. See what he’s up to at

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