Editing Services

Hello there! My name is Jenna Rideout, and I am taking on editing and manuscript critique clients. I studied History with a minor in Psychology at Kwantlen Polytechnic University before moving on to Memorial University of Newfoundland to start a second undergraduate degree program. While at MUN I completed two years of Electrical Engineering before switching to the Computer Science faculty. I do feel that my extensive undergraduate studies combined with my lifelong love of reading and creative writing qualify me to provide editing and critique services. With that said, I acknowledge that I do not have formal experience with a publishing company or literary agent, and thus will be offering my services at a discount compared to industry standards.

I feel qualified to offer my services to fiction authors who fit one of the following:

  • High/Upper Middle Grade through Adult reading level novels in the following genres:
    • Science Fiction & Fantasy, including dystopian
    • General, Contemporary, Literary & Historical Fiction
    • Mystery & Psychological Thriller (including classic horror)
  • Children’s fiction in any genre

I feel qualified to offer my editing services to non-fiction writers who do not require me to have extensive knowledge of field-specific jargon or citation formats. I am comfortable offering citation format and more in-depth style advice on history papers and manuscripts in addition to proofreading services (copy editing) as this was my major in my first undergraduate degree program.

Services Offered

Please be aware that I don’t offer a dozen different piecemeal options, so the names of my services might not be consistent with the limited features more expensive editors offer in their services.

Developmental Critique

I offer manuscript critique services starting at $0.50 CAD per page. This is essentially a paid beta read and does not include comprehensive proofreading type edits. I am willing to answer your beta reader questionnaires in addition to the marked-up manuscript file I return.

I recommend this service to fiction authors who aren’t ready for a professional proofreading type edit at this stage but might be looking for developmental advice or simply a fresh pair of eyes.

Copy Editing

I offer copy editing services starting at $2 CAD per page. This is a professional proofread without consideration for story. I recommend this service for non-fiction writers as well as fiction authors who have already had a developmental edit/critique or are confident in the responses of their beta readers.

This is more expensive than the critique above because I will be nitpicking every single word, and this takes more time.

Comprehensive Editing

I offer comprehensive editing services starting at $4 CAD per page. This is both of the above services offered at the same time, and is ideal for fiction authors at a late stage in their revision process who have not conducted extensive beta reading rounds that already address all their developmental concerns.

Hiring Process & Payment/Refund Policy

If you are interested in hiring me for any of the above services, please contact me with your enquiry. In order to provide you with the most accurate quote, I will need:

  • A description of your manuscript (category, genre, themes, etc.)
  • Page count
  • A small sample (1-3 consecutive pages) that accurately represents the current state of the manuscript in terms of editing needs. Do not send the most edited 3 pages if some parts of your manuscript have been reworked or beta read more than other parts.
  • What you’re hoping to get from my services
  • Any deadlines you have that I should consider

If I think I will be able to work with you, I will provide a quote and a contract, which we can revise if need be before signing. A sample contract can be read here. I require a 25% deposit before starting the job, and all remaining fees before I deliver your marked-up copy and/or requested questionnaire responses. The deposit is refundable before I begin the job (you are free to cancel without penalty while you’re in the job queue) but becomes non-refundable once the job starts. For more information, refer to my payment & refund policy.

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