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Mystic UnRealized [Book Tour with Excerpt]

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Welcome to the December 3rd stop on the blog tour for Mystic UnRealized by S. Peters-Davis, organized by Bewitching Book Tours. Be sure to follow the rest of the tour for other excerpt spotlights, possibly some reviews, and a giveaway! (More on that at the end of this post.)

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About the Book

Mystic UnRealized
by S. Peters-Davis

Published 1 November 2020
by BWL Publishing Inc.
Cover Artist: Michelle Lee

Genre: NA Fantasy Romance
Page Count: 185

To save humankind from an apocalyptic Troll take-over, an unrealized Mystic and a brand-new Dragon changeling must bond and share their Magick.

To save humankind from an apocalyptic Troll take-over, Sky, an unrealized Mystic, and Rune, a brand-new Dragon changeling, must bond and share their Magick.

An adult fantasy romance of a present-day tale with Mystics, Dragons, Fey, Trolls, and Magick, and the prophecy that draws them all together.

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Rune’s Point of View

“She drank from the Pool of Wellness,” I announced and stepped closer to the pearly-scaled giant. The magick of Azuron’s breath slithered inside my nostrils and mouth, leaving me light-headed.

“And?” Azuron’s deep, raspy voice, sharp and impatient, rumbled off the stone walls.

His cave had become my home away from the Shadowed Realm, but it always took a few minutes for me to absorb his magick. I shook my head in an attempt to gain balance, the tip of Azuron’s tail wrapped around my waist, holding me steady. Moments passed until my world righted itself. Maybe this dizziness had something to do with the addition of Sky’s energy. Her natural beauty had stunned me at first with those startling blue eyes, long lashes, full lips, and that head of soft, dark, unruly curls she’d attempted to tame in a ponytail but cascaded like a waterfall to her shoulders.

“Well?” Azuron studied me, drawing me closer with his tail. Moistened heat from his breath coated my face. Its magick ignited my voice.

I hoped he hadn’t just read my mind, assessing Sky’s beauty. “As you said it would happen, her eyes glowed, silver blue, like yours. The moment I saw them, I knew she was our Mystic and had arrived just like you and Mother claimed would happen. The time must be right for the prophecy to unfold, but I can’t help questioning it.”

“How so?”

“She’s clueless to her power, doesn’t trust me, and she closed her eyes when Mayapple appeared on my shoulder. She’s not ready, which makes me unsure of my ability to get her there.”

“I never said it would be easy, and I never said it would be up to you alone. Lucy’s ability to mentor Sky became limited due to interference from Sky’s mother, Jeana. And then Sky’s been away for the past four years gaining academic knowledge. I spoke with Lucy last night, in the UnShadowed Realm. Lucy said Sky’s father had stayed with her while she attended college.  It seems Sky arrived here heavily burdened not wanting to leave her father alone.”

“I noticed she has trust issues. She kept looking around as if expecting someone to jump out or something. I barely retained her attention.”

“You’ll figure it out. If anyone can help Sky gain trust, it’s you, my young protégée.” Azuron coiled his bulk and lowered his head over his forearms. “Time for meditation, which means it’s time for you to go explain things to Myarna. Your mother will be anxious to know what you’ve discovered.”

“I’m sure you’re right.”

I left Azuron and clung to his confidence in me. After all of the prophecy preparation, will the world of humans even come to an apocalypse? I couldn’t imagine what would create the end of humanity. 

About the Author

S. Peters-Davis writes multi-genre stories but loves penning a good page-turning suspense-thriller, especially when it’s a ghost story and a romance. Paranormal suspense-thriller romances are her favorites. When she’s not writing, editing, or reading, she’s hiking, RV’ing, fishing, playing with grandchildren, or enjoying time with her favorite muse (her husband) in Southwest Michigan.

S. Peters-Davis writes multi-genre stories but loves penning a good page-turning suspense-thriller, especially when it’s a ghost story and a romance. Paranormal suspense-thriller romances are her favorites. When she’s not writing, editing, or reading, she’s hiking, RV’ing, fishing, playing with grandchildren, or enjoying time with her favorite muse (her husband) in Southwest Michigan.

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Holiday Extravaganza Feature

Christmas Interview with Sky Brooks and Rune McRagon – story-stars of Mystic UnRealized

Hello, Everyone! Hope you’re enjoying this Christmas season, even with the limits we might be dealing with at this time from the pandemic, may the warm joy of family and friends resonate within and carry you and yours through the New Year and beyond:)

So glad you stopped in because I’d like to introduce the stars of Mystic UnRealized at this time – Sky Brooks, the Mystic whose magick helped save our world from a Troll take-over, and her partner, Rune McRagon, the Dragon changeling who also played a large part in saving the world from an apocalyptic event.

Welcome Sky and Rune, so happy you could join us today. Here’s my first question, and all of them will be for both of you – How will you celebrate Christmas this year?

*Sky and Rune gaze at each other for several heartbeats and nod as if they’ve telepathically communicated*

Sky – We will be celebrating in the Sanctum Realm at Mythic Mountain, Azuron’s home. My whole family will join us there, along with the Fey from the Fern & Fauna Colony and from the Glade & Grass Colony. I’ve never attended a celebration of this magnitude before, Rune will have to fill us in on the details.

Rune – Not sure if everyone knows about the Sanctum Realm, so let me explain. It’s only for beings of magick as the realm exists on magick. Some without magick may be invited in, but those would require protection from the overwhelming energy there. Azuron, the presiding Dragon, is acting King of the realm and has held that position for at least one hundred years or more.

We always celebrate inside his mountain lair with all sorts of delicious eats, a crackling fire in his humongous hearth built of gemstones, and the place is filled with Fey music and dancing. The celebration goes on for several days in human time, but in Sanctum time, it lasts about twenty-four hours.

Wow, that sounds like a dream, celebrating with Dragon and Fey. I’d love magick surrounded me. How do you get into the Sanctum Realm?

Sky – *Sky smiles at Rune* You better take this one, Rune. I’m not sure what’s allowed to share with humans.

Rune – *He winks at Sky* There’s a hidden portal on the Hermit’s property that opens for Light Energy Magicks. It’s protected by wards, so will never be discovered by anyone else.

What do you mean by Light Energy Magicks? 

*Sky nods at Rune*

Rune – Looks like I get to respond again. *He kisses Sky’s forehead* Light Magickals are embodied with pure Divine energy, maybe think of it like Angel energy—good fighting evil. It’s the energy that binds with our personal magick.

I know you’re both busy building your new store and focusing on your gardens, so I’ll wrap this up with one more question – When’s the big date for you two, I heard there’s a wedding in your near future?

*Rune leans over and kisses Sky, when they come up for breath…*

Rune and Sky – Christmas Day!  *said in unison*

Thank you for stopping by, we all wish you a very Merry Christmas…and we also wish you luck on the raffle drawing – don’t forget to enter on your way out 🙂

Holiday Extravaganza Feature #2

Oakly’s Christmas Present
(Includes characters from Amber Eyes Glow)
By S. Peters-Davis

“Oakly, you’ll find someone. Don’t look so down.” Morgan, my twin brother’s soul-mate, patted my shoulder.

Rowan stepped next to her, never leaving her side for long, possessively slipping his arm around her waist. He punched my arm and grinned, and then led his woman toward the kitchen table.

Watching my brother and Morgan instilled the deep loneliness plaguing my cougar, like a blade stabbing my chest. I needed the forest, an escape from the crowd of family and friends sitting around the table, working on Christmas decorations for the fortress we all called home. The place, for all its space, gave me a fit of claustrophobia.

I snuck out the front door. Brisk air and tufts of falling snow threw my cougar into an adrenaline rush to run. The animal scratched against the inside of my skin. I jogged into the trees, dropping my clothes next to a giant oak, and shifted into my beast.

Four large paws carried me for miles away from home. I crossed a couple of dirt roads and continued through the thick forest, cutting footprints through the snow. The wind picked up, and gray clouds blanketed the rising moon. The cougar’s night vision kicked in, and I stopped to sate my thirst at a babbling brook.

When I raised my head, a force hit my senses so hard it knocked me on my butt. I shook my head to get a bearing of what drew my mind and body. Then a shriek followed by a snarl happened close, across the stream. I launched over the water at full speed.

Snapping jaws, growls, and yips, I scented wolves.

A cat screamed and snarled in a way to scare off a predator or to defend itself. Another scent filled my olfactory, female cat, not a cougar. I bounded through the dense shrub, sounding like an army, and blew through the other side with the effect of distraction.

I observed a bobcat surrounded by three wolves, noted. The she-cat stood her ground, claws raised, but red-tinted snow gave a low-rating of survival. All wolves stared my way.

I roared my deepest snarl and charged, the only thought snapping through my mind, save her.

Two of the wolves sprang toward me, leaving one for the she-cat. I caught one by the throat, shook the hell out of him, and then tossed him against a tree trunk. The other jumped on my back and snapped his jaws over the back of my neck. Its claws caught my shoulders and my back haunches.

I ran straight at a downed tree, flipping into it, so the wolf caught the sharp branch. The teeth piercing the sides of my neck released, and I pulled away from its claws. It fell to the ground. The branch protruded from its back as the wolf struggled to crawl away.

The she-cat held her own, snarling and clawing, but the wolf clenched his jaws on a front leg. Bones snapped. The smaller cat went into a biting frenzy across the dog-faced snout. I pounced on the wolf’s back, sinking my claws around its neck. The she-cat dropped from its mouth, and I forced the wolf away, and then gave chase until the distance satisfied me.

When I got back to the bobcat, she lay on her side, panting and looking like a bloody mess. Her head lifted as I stepped closer. I crouched beside her and licked at the wounds. She lapped at the gouges on my neck. After a bit, we both settled together and slept.

* * *

Someone shook me awake. As I opened my eyes and yawned, the morning sun created a glistening coat of mini prisms across the snow.

“What the hell are you doing way out here? You’re miles from our territory.” Rowan eyed me. “It looks like a bloody war zone. You’re covered in blood and a significant amount of another cat’s scent, brother. A shifter. Care to explain?”

I glanced next to me. An imprint of the she-cat’s smaller body had stained the snow, dark red. She’d vanished. I jumped onto my four-paws. Sniffing the air, I noticed the smaller-sized paw prints leading in the opposite direction of home.

“Come on. Everyone is worried about you. A lot of them are out looking for you.” He huffed. “You didn’t let anyone know you went for a run.”

Everything inside me said to follow the she-cat shifter, but I knew she would come back here as I would.

Rowan pulled a cell phone from his pocket. “Dad, I found him. Let everyone know. It’s going to take us a while to get home.” Then he paused, listening. I heard him explaining where we were and to use the tracking app to find his phone. It sounded like someone would be driving a vehicle to a close location.

My attention faded in and out from his conversation as thoughts of the female bobcat over-road my brain.

“I will come back to see you tonight like you want to do,” a female voice filled the inside of my mind like a loud whisper.

I instantly shifted into human form. “Hey, tell me why you and Morgan can mind-communicate.”

“Good grief. Your junk’s gonna freeze. I didn’t bring any clothes for you.” Rowan grinned and pointed.

Yea, parts of me wanted to hide from the cold, but most of my body remained hot-blooded. “I gotta know about you and Morgan.”

“Fine, but we need to jog. Dad’s going to pick us up on a dirt road a few miles away.” Rowan picked up the pace. “Morgan and I exchanged blood, and because she’s my soul-mate, we can mind-communicate. I understand that only happens with a soul-mate.”

“Does your soul-mate need to be the same kind of shifter?” My head reeled with the thought.

* * *

“You’re not leaving the fortress tonight. Tomorrow’s Christmas. Your mother will have my hide if I allow you to go for a run like you did yesterday.” Dad’s eyes narrowed, but his focus wandered. “Unless you drove the truck to the spot where I picked you up. Then I’d know you’d get back here before morning.” His intense gaze landed on me. “The only reason I’m considering this is from the questions you asked Rowan. And you can thank him that he talked about it to me.”

Dad handed me his keys. I ran out the front door before he changed his mind.

Darkness had already settled over the tree line as I parked in a small clearing off the edge of the dirt road.

As I climbed out of the truck, her presence melded into mine and shivered through my body. “Where are you?”

Her scent drew me farther into the forest, and then I saw her. Beautiful long platinum-blond hair drifted down her shoulders. Smoldering blue eyes met mine. She lifted away from the large oak tree she’d leaned against and sauntered toward me in a sleek feline two-legged prowl.

My breath left me and then came back in a gasping gulp, leaving me dizzy and drunk on her scent. My legs finally mobilized, and I strode to her, wrapping my arms around her.

She slid her hands around the back of my neck. Her fingers twined into my hair. I leaned down, and she lifted onto her toes, lips uniting in a crash of cracking whips and stormy lightning. My whole body blazed with fire for this meek little woman, but then, nothing about her seemed timid.

Her tongue ran across my lips, sending a tremor through me. She giggled. Her hands pushed my chest, and we broke apart.

“I’m Sky. I believe you’re my Christmas present for life.” Her smile radiated through my chest, stealing my voice.

“I believe you’re my life-Christmas present also,” my mind-communication responded.

“Let’s go meet my parents, and then we’ll meet yours. We have a lot to talk about.” Sky reached for my hand, and when our fingers wove together, my cougar agreed we’d both found our most significant other.

I drew her back to me and sealed our moment with a kiss. Sky’s tender lips sent my cougar into purr-mode, something I’d never experienced before tonight. Then, Sky’s bobcat answered with a contented purr. “Merry Christmas,” our mind-communication whispered as one.

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